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When life gives you lemons make a lemon cake, because nothing is better than cake...and lemons are good for you :3

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PhD Hawkblock Giveaway


My doctorate led to some excess of crafting towards the end there, leaving a pair of orphan Hawkeye mugs. Look at these guys:

Because Hawkeye doesn’t do too good by his lonesome I’m giving away a PAIR of mugs along with a special bonus Hawkeye shirt in a preferred size, tailored in…

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate packing? Because I really hate it.

amemait replied to your post “Well the hotels fire alarm works…”

This just raises questions like what did you do?

Nothing I promise *hides the matches*

Seriously though I was just woken up by this alarm and a male voice going “This is an alarm, please evacuate the building and proceed to the nearest assembly point” and my first thought was ‘who is this guy and why is he talking to me in my room?’

Apparently there was some smoke in a function room which set it off.

Chanting “chug chug chug!” At someone drinking tea doesn’t quite have the same impact.

Last night in Malta. Now shall I have cake for dinner or ice cream? Choices. But first a cocktail.

Well the hotels fire alarm works…

And to see the saluting battery in Valetta today. 10/10 would recommend, especially the tour which only costs 2euros. It was absolutely fascinating.

There is a wedding reception going on at the hotel I’m staying at. So far I’ve heard the band (very good) and seen the bride (who looks stunning)


Lemon waffles with blueberry syrup


Lemon waffles with blueberry syrup